Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Steve Duno, Bestselling author of "The Last Dog" Agrees to Write for the Animal Anthology

Steve Duno, bestselling author of "The Last Dog On The Hill" has agreed to write a piece for The Animal Anthology Project.

In his book he tells about Lou, who was born of guard dogs on a secret marijuana farm in Mendicino County.

Lou truly was one dog in a million. On the winter day that the ailing, tick-infested feral pup was rescued by Steve Duno, neither dog nor man had a clue as to what they were getting into, or where the relationship would lead.

Last Dog on the Hill tells the story of an indigent young Rottweiler mix who, after abandoning his pack and the hills of his birth, went on to change the lives of hundreds of people and dogs, including the author’s, whose career as a behaviorist and writer was made possible through Lou’s extraordinary intelligence and heart. Lou won the respect of gang members, foiled an armed robbery, caught a rapist, fought coyotes and kidnappers, comforted elderly war veterans and Alzheimer patients in their final days, taught ASL to kids, learned scores of unique behaviors and tricks, amassed a vocabulary of nearly 200 words, helped rehabilitate hundreds of aggressive dogs and saved them from euthanasia. He was also a clown, consummate performer and Steve’s best friend for sixteen years. His story will make readers laugh and cry in equal measures.

Veteran pet behaviorist/​author Steve Duno has to date authored eighteen books and scores of magazine and web articles. He has covered a wide variety of subject matter on both dogs and cats, including basic training, aggression, environmental enrichment, behavior modification, breed profiling, trick training, and pet health care. His career in dog training began in 1989 when he rescued Lou, a feral six month-old Rottweiler/​shepherd. The offspring of guard dogs on a Mendocino marijuana grow, the sick and injured Lou was both smart and wild. In an effort to tame the intelligent pup, Duno inadvertently began his twenty year career as a behaviorist and trainer. Together, Duno and Lou helped to save hundreds of dogs from euthanasia. Formerly a teacher in New York City and Los Angeles, he currently lives in Seattle with his family and an ever-changing assortment of rescued pets.

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We look forward to having Steve Duno on the team!

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