Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Animal Lovers Contributing To Animal Anthologies: Keep Your Pets Safe In The Heat This Summer

Animal Welfare Project of Valley Forge is warning all pet owners and caretakers to be aware of the excessive weather expected all week.

  1. Please make sure animals have access to cool shelter at all times plus unlimited cool clean water, and they are well protected from the sun, heat and humidity.
  2. Do not travel with animals in vehicles; this risk becomes excessive due to lack of airflow below the window line where a pet sits.
  3. Additionally, interior temperatures can rise within minutes and kill your pet, since vehicles can act like an oven.
  4. Besides their extra hair being similar to humans wearing a heavy coat, most types of animals can be especially prone to heat stroke due to their inability to sweat all over their bodies.
  5. Panting is a sign the animal is trying to cool themselves and might need additional assistance such as a fan blowing cool air.
  6. Even if located under shade, dog houses can be especially deadly due to lack of air flow, even though the sun’s rays might not actually reach the animal.
  7. Digging of holes often means they are trying to find a cooler place for their bodies and are not comfortable.
  8. Caged and chained animals are especially at risk because they can’t leave the area to find a cooler place; keep your pets indoors instead.
  9. Please watch out for and immediately cool any animal exhibiting distress. Heat stroke is a life-threatening emergency which can become fatal in minutes.
- Courtesy of PETA and

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