Saturday, July 3, 2010

Animal Anthology Fiction Prompt: The Pet's Inheritance

It's only natural to plan ahead.

Some pet owners take that extra step to include their pets in their wills or ask friends or family to care for a dog or cat should disaster strike. But many quirky and wealthy pet owners have taken it to the next level and are arranging for their animals to continue to live in the lap of luxury. A few months ago, millionaire heiress Gail Posner made news when she left $3 million to her chiuhauhas, Conchita, Lucia and April Marie.

Their inheritance included diamond accessories and life in an $8 million Miami mansion (complete with a live-in caretaker who also inherited millions).

Conchita, Lucia and April Marie are in good company. Over the years, other pet lovers have made it a point to leave their riches to their animal companions. Here are a few of the stories:

$12 Million Maltese: Leona Helmsley, New York's infamous "Queen of Mean," amassed billions of dollars during her lifetime. When she died in 2007, she left $12 million to her Maltese, Trouble, while opting to completely cut several of her grandchildren out of her will.

$80 Million Chimp: Kalu the chimpanzee inherited what reports have claimed was anywhere between £40 million to £53 million in South Africa from her owner Patricia O'Neill. O'Neill had a soft spot for the chimp, who she rescued in Zaire in the 1980s. But Kalu often caused disturbances in O'Neill's marriage, since her husband Frank was not a fan. He reportedly dislike the chimp for smoking his cigarettes.


Prompt: What if you were one of these animals that inherited millions of dollars? What if you wanted to be able to spend this money, as an animal, in style? Tell this story in first-person point of view.

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