Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prompt: Can your dog do amazing things? Tell Animal Anthologies your story!

Dogs can do amazing things. Some are trained to rescue, some can skateboard, and some, even, can scuba dive! Tell us your dog's story.

Here are three interesting articles on dogs that can do amazing things:

Scuba Dog:

If you know a Dachshund, you're well aware that this spunky breed is always up for a challenge. You also know that they look really cute in doggy clothes.

Boniface, a Dachshund decked out in a special scuba diving suit, is no exception.

His owner, Sergei Gorbunov, a professional diver in the Pacific Coast city of Vladivostok had a sweet scuba suit complete with helmet made for Boniface, who seemed happy and eager to swim way under the water's surface in a recent demonstration.

Even though there's a swimming orangutan and some skilled surf dogs out there, we're highly impressed with this little guy.

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Skateboarding Dog:

Skateboard Dog, Tyson of Huntington Beach, is an incredible Bulldog that delights all who see him scooting and gliding along sidewalks near the beach. He's been on television and in movies, but he's best known and loved by those who see him skating most every day at Southern California beaches.

First raised as a pup by a snowboarder, Tyson was relocated to the beach and went crazy every time he saw skateboarders on an a cement bike and skate path at the beach. Barking and pulling with all his strength, his owners thought that he hated skateboards.

Amazingly, Tyson only wanted to get on the board and ride. He began riding at one year and became quite skilled. Tyson wants to ride every day and is unhappy when he misses a day, his owners say.

This English Bulldog has been skating most of his life and even appeared in a movie. Tyson’s website, www.skateboardingbulldog.com, documents his achievements and has a wealth of pictures and movies.

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Surf Dog:

Surf Dog Ricochet does amazing work in California, where he recently hit the waves with Ian McFarland, a 6-year-old boy who suffered a brain injury in a car accident that claimed the lives of his parents.

Ricochet was a service dog reject — he was just too prone to chasing birds — who went on to become a “surf-ice” dog, raising money for charities through surfing demonstrations and assisting people with disabilities in other ways.

Most recently, he helped Ian, who used to surf with his dad, overcome his fears and get back in the ocean.

On top of the individuals he has helped, Ricochet's website says he has raised more than $30,000 in an 8-month period.

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