Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animal Anthology Project is Recognized on Best Friends Network



July 07, 2010, 7:56AM MT
By Jackie Cangro, Best Friends Volunteer Writer


Calling all writers! Calling all writers! Christine Catlin would like to publish your animal stories.

Christine is gathering stories from animal lovers far and wide to include them in an anthology, a collection of writings from many different authors. She’s hoping to receive enough material to fill three books! Each book will have a unifying theme: Animal Fiction, Top 100 Animal Tales, and Teens & Animals. And the best part is that proceeds raised from the sale of the books will benefit Best Friends!

“The opportunity to write about animals is limited. Especially for teens,” says Christine. As an animal lover herself, she knows how difficult it can be to find publications willing to accept her stories. And Christine has plenty of stories to tell. She’s raised butterflies and owned fish, cats and birds. She began The Anthology Project to encourage teens to write about their connections with animals. That’s why she is accepting submissions from writers regardless of age.

Christine has done a lot of legwork on the anthologies already, securing a literary agent, creating a website and contacting many well-known animal writers to request submissions. So far, notable authors Bob Tarte, Lois Duncan, Irene Pepperberg and Jacqueline Sheehan have agreed to contribute their stories.

Maybe you’ve written a fictional short story about a cat who saves the day or a personal essay about a service dog. Or maybe your talent lies on the artistic side. You’re not left out. Christine is also planning to include artwork in the anthology. Submit your writing or artwork through Christine’s website and you may get published in the anthology and help Best Friends animals to boot!

Right now Christine is accepting submissions until December 31st and plans to publish the books in 2011. So if you have a funny, uplifting or heartwarming animal story, send it to Christine. She’d love to read it, and maybe you’ll be seeing your words in print soon.

Visit her website at The Animal Anthology Project for more information or to submit your story.


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