Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pets at Work: Labor Day Stories

In honor of Labor Day, we celebrate some of our favorite service animals.

Pets and animals provide humans with so many gifts — fun, companionship, and love. But some extraordinary animals go above and beyond the bond between humans and pets. In honor of Labor Day, here are a few of our favorite working animals:

Alyna, a rabbit who was born paralyzed, has brought inspiration to countless children at the ALYN Hospital in Jerusalem. Because her two hind legs are paralyzed, Alyna moves around with a special brace, custom fitted for a rabbit’s frame. Children who are also facing mobility challenges because of congenital obstacles, or trauma and injury, are helped along the rehab process by Alyna, who shows them the benefit of using a brace. Read more about Alyna at

The amazing canine lifeguards from the Italian Coast Guard rescue approximately 3,000 people each year along the country’s coastline. Trained for this specialty through a three-year program at the Italian School of Canine Lifeguards, these fearless dogs jump from helicopters in order to pull swimmers to safety through rough currents. Read more about these incredible canines at

have protected our nation’s armed forces since World War I. In the present day, these brave canines continue to act as a crucial part of military operations, from detecting explosives to protecting handlers. Once they are retired from service, the dogs go to loving forever homes, living with families chosen through a painstaking process. Read more about military service dogs and see photos of these canines in action at

All service animals deserve our recognition and praise, and we are proud to salute their incredible contributions to our lives. Do you know a working animal that you would like to recognize? Let us know your stories.

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