Thursday, September 9, 2010

Amazing Pet Rescues

Here are some amazing pet rescues from Zoo Too News.

Every pet thinks that their human is a hero. The unconditional love that bonds an animal to their family is immeasurable. But certain humans have gone above and beyond traditional loyalty to prove their love for our four-legged friends.

A Frozen Rescue. When the poodle-mix Buddy went racing onto the ice-covered Little Lake Butte des Morts in Menasha, Wisconsin, he only thought of one goal — reaching the ducks he was chasing. But Buddy didn't count on the thin ice 300 feet from shore, and broke through to the icy waters below. His owner, Angie Bray, attempted to head onto the ice herself, but realized with her first step that she could not save her dog on her own. The Neenah-Menasha Fire Rescue arrived just 15 minutes later with self-inflating wetsuits. In no time, firefighter Jason Phillips was in the water headed toward Buddy. After being pulled from the water, Buddy was rushed to the hospital, where he was treated intravenously with warm fluids and recovered fully.

Saved From Drowning. After hearing a commotion in her neighbor's apartment, Ashley Chase decided to investigate. She found an unimaginable sight — a 10-month-old Shih Tzu, Toby, unconscious in the bathtub, the victim of his owner's senseless abuse. Ashley performed mouth-to-mouth on the pup and rushed him to a nearby vet clinic. Toby was alive, but still in danger. En route to the clinic, she got caught in a traffic jam, at which point Ashley left the car. From there, she ran to the clinic, Toby in her arms. Authorities arrested Toby's owner on one felony count of animal cruelty, and thanks to the heroics of Ashley and her sister, Toby was no worse for the wear after his harrowing experience, and was kept safe from his former owner.

A Mother of Eight Saves a "Furbaby." When Gabe Seim was walking his dog Porter on a pond in Salina, Kansas, he had no idea what would happen when the black lab pulled away from him. After Porter fell through the thin ice, Gabe made numerous attempts to save his dog, but was no match for the icy water himself. He called the authorities, and Jane Trostle, herself a mother of eight, was among the other animal control and police officers who responded. From the shoreline, officers attempted to lasso the dog, who was only 30 feet away. But the struggling lab was too far for their rope. Finally, Officer Trostle got on her stomach and slid out to Porter, with only an extension cord tied to her for safety. But the drastic move was necessary, as the animal was nearly exhausted from trying to keep afloat. As Trostle neared Porter, the ice beneath her body cracked and she became submerged. She was wearing layers of clothing, which were immediately soaked and weighed her down. Yet she was able to grab hold of Porter and help him to shore. Once the duo neared land, Gabe jumped in and pulled his weary canine the rest of the way. Following a quick check-up, both Gabe and Trostle were given a clean bill of health. Porter made a full recovery.

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