Monday, June 28, 2010

Animal Anthologies Would Love To Read Your Story (or see your art)!

Although we have had many submissions over the past week, we are still have not reached our goal number of writing or artwork submissions. The deadline is not until December 31st, but consider sending in your writing. There is no harm in trying, and we may publish your work! You may send it to the email, or visit our website and send it through our submission form. Remember, we don't take your writing rights, you keep them.

Author, Bob Tarte, who has written many books, including "Enslaved By Ducks" and "Fowl Weather: How Thirty-Nine Animals and One Sock Monkey Took Over My Life" has also agreed to send us a writing piece. We look forward to having such an outstanding roster of writers in our anthology!

Thank you, every one.
Keep checking up on the blog and make sure to join as a follower.
If we get a few more followers we will start to post some of the writing submissions that we have received.

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